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The Arctic Prime Deadlift Station Features a revolutionary steel base with an upper wooden layer for the perfect grip. Siege Fitness is proud to bring out a new groundbreaking design featuring a revised design with new key features.

Arctic Prime Platform

  • Specifications

    • Weatherproof solid Wooden standing deck.

    • 8 x 4 feet total working area

    • Fully reinforced steel underdeck with incredible weight capacity, stability, and an immense total weight of over 200 kg.

    • Tri Layer Drop Zones with a total rubber thickness of 2.5 Inch.

    • The drop zones feature two layers of rubber and a single layer of wood to ensure a noise and vibration-free lifting experience.

    • 11 gauge steel frame with 2.5*2.5 inch tubes.4 band pegs which are removable.


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