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About Siege Fitness

Siege Fitness is a manufacturer of high-quality Gym & fitness equipment, catering to Commercial Gym setups and Home Gym setups in India.

Through our manufacturing process and stringent quality checks, we ensure that all our gym equipment is precision made and meets the highest standards of toughness and stability – unmatched by most gym equipment manufacturers. Reliability, Durability, and Safety are the three hallmarks associated with a Siege Fitness Power Rack.

We are a manufacturer of high-quality Power Racks, Power Cages, Squat Stands, Olympic Barbells, Powerlifting Barbells, Home Gym Setups & other Gym Equipment.

Reliability, Durability, and Safety are the three hallmarks associated with a Siege Fitness Power Rack. In pursuit of our mission to manufacture the best power racks in the country,

Siege Fitness implements a precision-engineered manufacturing process, which is augmented by stringent quality control mechanisms. The toughness and stability of a Siege Fitness Power Rack are unmatched.

All our Gym products are 100 % Made in India.

Siege Fitness is a proud Indian Manufacturer. Every single component that goes into our products is manufactured in-house at our various facilities. All raw materials and auxiliary parts are sourced from local suppliers and ancillaries only.

Siege fitness regularly invests in upgrading the skills and technical knowledge of our employees to ensure the products we put out are world-class.

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It is our objective to make India, the primary center of manufacturing and the first choice for overseas brands looking for manufacturers. We are also heavily engaged in exporting activities and do our bit to contribute positively to the economy and build up a brand in India.


We actively invest in smaller ancillary industries and local suppliers to ensure only the best goes into our products. Not only does this ensure the far superior quality of our products but it also supports building up a highly efficient, productive, and modernized manufacturing community, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Why Choose Siege Fitness?


11 Gauge steel. Sturdy and Durable

Wight capacity upto 1035 kgs 


Heavy and Stable. No Floor bolting required due to Base Design


Large working space with adequate depth and width


High quality, standardized construction featuring lazer cutting, & more


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