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Siege Fitness has partnered up with USA-based companies to provide them with top quality contruction and precision-engineered gym equipment. 

Project Name

Sarge Fitt

Sarge Fitness is a veteran-owned business out of Washington DC, and has partnered up with us to bring the patented Fitt Rack to the American Market. The Fitt Rack is a highly adjustable and unique piece of equipment that is tailored toward Calisthenics enthusiasts.

sarge fitt.png

Project Name

Massive Fitness

Siege Fitness has partnered up with Massive Fitness LLC, for the supply of precision strength equipment to the USA. It is a matter of great pride for us to collaborate with the legendary Steve Shaw and bring some top-quality powerlifting products, for home and commercial use, to the American market.

massive logo.png

Project Name

Rajath Rawat

Our first signed athlete and Brand Ambassador, the National Powerlifting champion of India, Rajat Rawat. An extraordinarily gifted athlete, Rajat has a stellar list of accomplishments ranging from: 

🏅93kgs national champion
🏅Senior Squat Record
🏅Senior 93kgs total Record
🏅Best lifter of India senior category 2021-2022. 

We are thrilled to have an athlete of his caliber represent Siege Fitness.

Rajat rawat siege.png
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