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The Chieftain Powerlifting Barbell from Siege Fitness is a precision-engineered Powerlifting Barbell featuring superior finish and durability. Made according to IPF standards, the barbell features a 205000 psi tensile strength, alloyed steel rod of 29mm diameter together with a 1.5mm pitch aggressive volcano knurling for the best possible grip. The Chieftain has E- coating on the shaft and hard chrome plated sleeves, ensuring high durability and extreme corrosion resistance. The E coating provides an incredible finish, which does not compromise the sharpness of the knurling and at the same time, requires no maintenance. The bar offers close to 0 whip and high stability even under massive weights of upto 900Kgs. Bronze Bushings ensure high stability and low spin of the sleeves.

Chieftain Barbell

  • Specifications

    •Color: Black
    •Length: 7 feet 2 inches
    •Length between sleeves: 51.5”
    •Weight 20 kgs
    •Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI
    •Whip: None
    •Shaft diameter: 29 mm
    •Knurl depth: 1.5 pitch
    •Knurl type: Aggressive volcano knurl
    •Bushings: 4 Bronze bushings
    •Sleeve length: 16.3”
    •Knurl marks: IPF marks
    •Centre knurl: Yes
    •Finish: E Coat on the Shaft. Chrome plating on sleeves.

    •Warranty: Lifetime Warranty subject to T&C


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