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Introducing the Commander Functional Trainer and Half Rack Combo. The single most versatile piece of equipment you can own for your home or commercial space. Constructed from laser cut 3x3 verticals, with 8mm j hooks and spotter arms, the Commander comes equipped with ultra smooth machined aluminum alloy pulleys, high tensile 6mm cables which operate two, 100 kg precision machined weight stacks. The Commander comes standard with an array of grips and is the ultimate solution for all your lifting needs, combining the utility of a half rack, with the versatility of a functional trainer.




  1. Functional Trainer & Half Rack: The Commander is a 2 in 1 piece of equipment, combining a functional trainer for all your cable work, with a half rack for all your barbell work, bringing you unmatched versatility and utility
  2. Precision Engineered: The Commander features laser cut 3x3 verticals, 8mm thick J hooks and precision machined aluminum alloy pulleys and 2 100 KG machined weight stacks, heavy duty 8mm carabiners, 6mm high tensile cables, 20mm guide rods and uhmw lined trolleys, bringing you the absolute best of our signature Siege Fitness engineering.
  3. Smooth Operation: The Commander features aluminum alloy pulleys with precision bearings and 100 KG weight stacks which are precision machined. Combined with the 20mm hard chromed guide rods and the high tensile 6mm cable, the result is an ultra smooth and silent operation of the cables. The adjustable trolleys feature uhmw gliders for easy adjustment along the 32 points of the rack.
  4. Handles: The Commander comes standard with a pair of knurled D handles, a short bar and a long bar which can connect to both pulleys simultaneously, allowing for the entire 200 kg to be used for all your heavy lat pulldowns and rows. All handles come with bearings for smooth movement.
  5. Pre configured easy install: The Functional Trainer is shipped in a pre configured yet highly secured state which offers a very easy installation experience.



Weight Stacks can be increased and expanded beyond 100 KG.

Please contact us for the same.

Commander Functional Trainer

  • Specifications

    • Made in Bengaluru, India
    • Steel Section: 3x3, 75mm
    • Steel Gauge: 11 gauge and 8mm
    • Finish: 9 Tank Powder Coated
    • Footprint: 52x60" (inclusive of base plates)
    • Width: 48"
    • Depth: 56"
    • Height: 94"
    • Weight: 365 Kgs
    • Pulley Ratio: 2:1
    • Pulley Material: Aluminum Alloy 
    • Weight Stacks: 100 Kg x 2 
    • Stack Material: CNC Machined Steel
    • Guide Rods: 20mm Hard Chromed
    • Cable: 6mm thick High Tensile
    • Adjustment Points: 32
    • Included Accessories: J Hooks, Knurled D Handles, Short Bar, Dual Pulley Long Bar.
    • Additional Accessories (Purchase Separately): Spotter Arms, Lat Pulldown Leg Brace, Landmine, Dip Adaptors, Weight Storage Pins, Trident Leg Trainer, 6 Post Extension for Jammer Arms.
  • Shipping Info

    All orders for the Commander Functional Trainer will be shipped in 3-4 weeks.


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