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Meet the Crusader 6 Post - our flagship power rack featuring unmatched modularity, stability, and durability. With a working area of 42” and a weight of 190kg, the Crusader provides ample space and peace for all your exercises. The rack features 6 vertical posts with extra-large 6.5x6.5”, 8mm thick base plates that can be bolted down, ensuring maximum safety during your lifts. Our signature safety straps of 4” width and an extreme weight capacity of 6 tons per strap come standard with the rack. The Crusader is also highly modular, with the ability to add attachments such as a multi-grip pull bar or jammer arms. The Crusader 6 Post is a precision-engineered rack that can withstand extreme weights while keeping you safe. Unleash your full potential with the Crusader power rack!

Crusader Rack 6 Post

  • Specifications

    • Color: Black, Red
    • Coating: 9 stages Powder Coating Finish
    • Footprint: 76” x 52” (Inclusive of Base Plates)
    • Weight: 190 KGs
    • Height: 90”
    • Depth: 71”
    • Width: 48”
    • Base Plates: 6.5x6.5”, 8mm Thick
    • Cage Working Area: 42”
    • Steel Section: 3“ x 3” (75x75 mm)
    • Steel Gauge: 11 Gauge, 3 mm
    • Hardware: 16 mm (5/8”)
    • Hole Size: 16 mm
    • Hole Spacing: 2" throughout.
    • Pullup Bar: 34mm Dia straight bar
    • J Hooks: 2 swivel and clasp hooks with UHMW Plastic Lining
    • Safeties: Safety Strap Pair
    • Accessories Included: J Hooks, Safety Straps, 34mm Pull up bar, Weight Storage Pins
    • Additional Accessories (Purchase Separately): Jammer Arms, Stabilizer Kit, 6 post Extensions, Multigrip Pull up Bar, Landmine, Dip Adaptors.
    • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty subject to T&C

    *Recommended bolting down or purchasing the stabilizer kit. Anchor bolts provided standard


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